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Traditional Leash is exactly what you would expect! Leash with a D ring on the handle for a place to hang your poop bags or connect the leash to itself when not in use!


Dragline is a very basic leash without a handle on it. You might be wondering, "Why would I want a leash with no handle?" So here's the scoop: Draglines are a great tool to use when you're starting your off-leash journey. They drag behind your dog while they're out exploring, without the danger of the handle getting caught on something and trapping your dog. You can always pick it up to signify to others that you're not looking to interact. It also gives you a significant headstart if your dog gets distracted and tries to head out without you.

Two-tone Biothane Leash 6'-30'

PriceFrom $35.00
Excluding Sales Tax
  • All leashes are made with stinkproof/waterproof biothane. They are easily cleaned and don't get all soggy if your dog has some water fun!

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