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Looking at the "why" behind our dogs behavior to create lasting change.

What We can Help With:

Set your puppy up for long term success by starting training early!

8 weeks - 6 months
Train your dog based on your needs and lifestyle.

6 months - Any Age
Help your dog with their big feelings towards the world.

All Ages

About ME

Hello! I’m Emily!
I am a certified Positive Reinforcement Dog Trainer through Animal Behavior College, certified Family Dog Mediator through The Dog Door, Fear Free certified professional, and I am constantly furthering my education in order to best serve you and your dog. Dog behavior is my passion and I love that I'm able to share my knowledge and expertise with dog guardians in Eagle County, CO as well as virtually!
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Here at Curipawsity we like to approach dog training with...curiosity! Instead of looking at a behavior and labeling it "good" or "bad", we view it as communication. We ask "why" for everything. Why is my dog chewing on my shoes? Why is my dog digging in the garden? Why is my dog lunging and barking on his walks? Looking to the root of the problem will help us better understand our dog and create a training and management plan that will meet our dogs needs and help them start making better decisions for themselves!

We do not use any aversive gear including but not limited too: e-collars, shock collars, prong collars, choke collars, citronella collars or anything else intended to cause pain or frustration for your dog. If you are currently using any of these and are willing to try something different, I am happy to work with you! I am not here to pass judgement, I am here to help you and your dog!

We train new behaviors using treats, play, praise, environmental rewards or anything else your dog loves!

We are also always highly aware of your dogs body language and strive to never create an environment where your dog feels uncomfortable or fearful. Science has shown that learning stops (or at least slows incredibly) when we are fearful or frustrated.

The safety and security of yourself, your dog and anyone else involved, is our number one goal. 

I look forward to working with you and your pup!

Training Methods

Training Methods

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