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About Me

Hello! I’m Emily!
Born and raised in Northern Wisconsin, I've been living in Vail for 10+ years. I started my journey to become a dog trainer during (you guessed it) Covid. It has completely transformed my life and the way I interact with not only dogs, but people as well! I am an avid snowboarder and will often take my pup, Dozo, out for a cheeky lap or two. In the summer, we both love to go for a spin on the paddleboard. Integrating my dog into my life was very important to me so making sure that we have a strong and  trusting relationship in each other is vital. This includes me listening to him when he's telling me no! The more of a safe space we can be to our dogs, the better. We don't need to be forcing them into all these different behaviors. How would you feel if someone made you do everything they wanted to do but never did what you want to do? Giving our dogs autonomy and choice as much as we can will simply transform our relationship with them. 
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