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Hey Folks!

My name is Emily and I, along with my trusty branch manager Dozo, am on a quest to help as many positive reinforcement trainers streamline their business as possible. It's time to stop stressing about email lists, websites, and landing pages and start spending more time spreading the love that is positive reinforcement. Can't wait to work with you all!

Emily & Dozo




You've been told "you should have an email list!" by multiple people. But where to start? I gotchu!
Using the email service of your choice (I recommend Mailchimp as they allow up to 2,000 subscribers on their free plan) we will accomplish the following:


  • Creation of a lead magnet aka "freebie" to attract people to sign up for your email list

  • Embedded sign up form on your website

  • Creation of a welcome email that will send out automatically when someone signs up

  • Email frequency plan and a curated list of topics to make creating future emails a breeze



An online presence is a must in this digital age so let's get you online! I build on the following sites as they allow for easy changes you will be able to do yourself.

  • Wix

  • Squarespace

  • Squareup

Prices vary depending on what you're looking to build.


You have important information to share but if you don't feel stoked with your ability to write it out, you'll keep putting off. That's where I come in! You tell me what you're trying to say and together we will create fun, comprehensive copy.

  • Emails

  • Website

  • Landing Pages

  • Infographics

  • Text Posts for Social Media

Prices vary

Emily Challis

+1 (970) 343.2871

Vail, CO


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